caring for chinchillas

My chinchilla’s cage was braking and my dad fixed it! I’ll tell you how 😉

I chose a ferret nation cage for Smoky, and I love it!

The only problem was the leg started breaking. It wasn’t sturdy anymore and the leg was weak and wiggly.

It split right below the second nail.

We were all worried for his cage because it is very expensive. But my dad went to the hardware store and bought a metal rod in a right angle and some round, metal strips.

Metal rod in right angle is there and the metal strips wrapped around it is there. (and there’s little Smoky!)
The nails are now covered and his cage leg is sturdy! We have to worry about that leg no more! 😉
His heavy wheel messed up the support for one of his walls. My dad fixed that by adding two plastic zip things. (I’m not the genius he is)
And he used the same metal strings for the bottom because Smoky would chew the plastic.

I hope this helps! But I hope more that your chinchilla’s cage isn’t breaking. Tell your chinchillas that Smoky says hi, please! 😉

By Riverlark

Hi! I am the proud owner of a chinchilla, Smoky Mayvern, two tortoises, George and Martha, and one orchid, Betty
I am a “to be” author an currently in the process of writing my first novel! ;)
Enjoy my blogs:

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