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Update: Smoky chewed a wire and let that be a lesson to you

Friday 25, I was working on my computer with Smoky’s cage right next to me. He stuck his little nose out of the bar and like, why not let him out? I elevated my computer to charger and opened Smoky’s cage door. He ran all around my room, chewed my bed, chairs, drawers, he did […]

Pet Chinchilla for a Child?

I remember the first time I saw little Smoky in the store. He was so insanely cute and fluffy! As soon as I got my furry buddy, all my friends wanted one too! But are children ready to have a pet chinchilla? Here are a few questions to ask: 1. Will the child be disappointed […]

I just heard about Chili the chinchilla!

Chili is a little chinchilla in need of expensive medical care located in the Bunny Bunch in Fountain Valley. It rescues chinchillas, rabbits, and guinea pigs Please read the link above and consider donating to help Chili the Chinchilla. Or read below: I hope the Bunny Bunch gets the Monet they need for […]

Want to own a chinchilla? Part one

Fun fact! Chinchillas wink to say hello! 😉 A few important things to know before considering getting a chinchilla. In my mind, chinchillas are the cutest, sweetest animals ever, and are even more wonderful pets! Each have a unique character and will provide you with many exiting stories and hilarious memories. I can’t get enough […]

My three secrets for chinchilla bonding

Every chinchilla is different. and will bond with their owners in a different way. I’m not sure how your chinchilla is, but I will share my best bonding techniques with you. 1. Reading. Smoky loves to be read to. I often pick a children’s book from our bookshelf (Curious George, Miss Flora McFlimsy, etc.) and […]

Homemade Tropical chinchilla smoothie bites!

A little treat for chinchillas invented by me 😉 Ingredients: 1/6 cup of frozen fruit 1/8 cup of water 2 tbs of oats 1/2 tbsp honey Optional: camomile *A blender, freezer, two small containers, fork, knife, and a few tablespoons are required Instructions: Put the fruit and water in the blender. Blend until it is […]

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